Rules and Regulation for Junior Players


Beenleigh netball association plays by the Netball Official Rules as authorized by all Australian Netball Associations as printed in the current Rule Book, revised 2001, but also incorporates its own by-laws and regulations as listed below for the running of all fixtures.
These by laws are current at the time of publication, however they are subject to change at any time.
1.    Fees
a.    Registration
All players must be a registered member of BNA Inc.
All players are required to fill out the Registration Application Form.
This fee is due at commencement of each season, players may not play in any fixture until this is paid in full.
All non playing officials must also pay a fee to cover their registration and insurance.
b.    Insurance
All players must be insured with the chosen insurance company.
Insurance claims must be made within 24 hours of injury all claims will be made through the Administrator.(Disclaimer:Beenleigh Netball Association is not responsible for any unfinancial or unregistered player who plays in a game, fixture, training or carnival. BNA will not be responsible for any injuries incurred.)
c.    Game fees
Game fees to be collected and Team Booklets to be completed and handed in prior to commencement of game.
d.    Fundraising
All fundraising by any BNA member must be authorized by BNA Executive. Upon approval a letter of authorization will be issued.
2.    Games fixtures
Draw will be displayed next to toilets and will be available on telephone message on 0413 299 357. it is the Coaches duty to inform players of game times and any cancellation due to weather conditions.
3.    Duration of Games
Game will consist of 4 x 10 minute quarters with 3 minute intervals. Injury time of up to 2 minutes will be played if granted by umpire.
Players must be at the courts 15 minutes before the game and must vacate the courts at the conclusion of the game.
Climate conditions will determine the duration of the game.
4. Points Ladder for Competitions
Win –   2 points + goals scored
Draw – 1 point + goals scored
Loss -  0 points + goals scored
Bye –   0 points
Forfeit – 0 points - for team forfeiting
2 points + 20 goals to non forfeiting team
5.    Finals
For all finals all players must have played in (3) three competition rounds to be eligible for finals. Fill ins are not permitted. Teams must have (5) five registered players to take the court. In the event of a draw teams will have 3 minute break then play 2 consecutive 7 minute halves. If game is still drawn at the end of second half play will continue until a team has 2 goal lead at which time umpires will call time.
6.    Coaches/ Managers
In addition to duties listed in the playing rules, Coaches/Managers are also responsible for:
Ensure registration sheets are up to date during the season.
Collection of fees and completion of Team Booklet prior to game commencing.
Ensure that score sheet is filled in correctly and winning team returns score sheet.
Responsible for passing on information to players regarding playing times and clinics etc.
Equipment such as balls, bibs, etc will be the responsibility of the team.
First aid is the responsibility of the team.
7.    Scorers
Both teams are responsible to supply a scorer who should sit together for the duration of the match. The written score sheet is the official record of the match. All scorers should sign the score sheet in the space provided. Scorers are to record the centre passes and goals scored for each team. Winning team to return the score sheets.
8.    Injuries
Injuries are to be reported to the Junior Convenor or first aid person on duty, and recorded on the Incident report form. Injuries referred to medical practioner will require a medical clearance to continue playing. 
Serious injury – if a player is seriously injured and can not be moved from the court until medical assistance is obtained, then both teams if they have sufficient numbers and both teams wish to continue, must finish the game on the delegated court if time permits. Decision to continue the game will be the responsibility of the Convenor.
BLOOD RULE – as per the AANA Rule Book.
9. Uniforms
All players are required to wear the uniform registered by their team for all competition matches.
The Uniform is to consist of:
     Uniform colour netball skirt or shorts for all female players(gym pants, ie short briefs not bike pants, maybe worn but must be no longer than your skirt)
     Uniform colour shorts for males.
     Uniform colour shirts for all players (sleeveless shirts may be worn but singlets are not permitted)
     Shirts/tops are to be tucked into skirts/shorts at all times.
Good quality netball/sports shoes, laces tight.
10. Jewellery
No rings or jewellery(ie body piercing) will be permitted on court. Fingernails must be kept short(tapping is not allowed).
No sharp objects are permitted and the Umpire may ask for the removal of such items if thy are considered ‘sharp or dangerous’ to players.
11. Children and Spectators
Players and officials only are allowed on the courts. We request that all children are adequately supervised at all times. There will be no responsibility for any injuries incurred by unattended children. Parents and Spectators are to respect the Coaches & Umpires and bad behaviour will not be tolerated.
12. Player Conduct
Players are reminded to refrain from using obscene language or       unnecessary aggression at all times both on and off the court. Players will show respect to Officials.
Players will only be allowed to play in a higher age group if Parental Request consent form is filled out and lodged with Administrator.  

(REVISED 2008)©BNA Inc.