Hammel Park Courts

Hammel Park Courts are under lease by Beenleigh Netball Association Inc from Logan City Council. Members of the Public, Community Groups, Schools etc are to apply to the Secretary of Beenleigh Netball Association Inc for use of and hire of the courts.

Conditions of use are as follows-

Registered members of Beenleigh Netball are eligiable to apply for use of court space for training purposes on allocated days outlined in the rights of use contract. Applications are to be  in writing to the Beenleigh Executive.

General public to contact Beenleigh Netball via phone on 0481 257 857 or via email at [email protected]

Beenleigh Netball Association Inc is responsible for allocations of courts to Hirer/s.Below are the insurance and other conditions of use of the courts.

Allocation of courts and facilities.

Associations/Hirer/s DO NOT have the authority to approve use of courts for any other users. Approval must be obtained from Beenleigh Netball Association Inc.

The Hirer/s are responsible for any additional cleaning charges that may result if the grounds are left in an unsatisfactory condition. To avoid this responsibility, the Hirer/s must ensure that all grounds are booked through Beenleigh Netball Association Inc.

Ph. 0481 257 857

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