Senior Rules And Regulations

Beenleigh Netball Association Inc.             Rules and Regulations.

Playing Rules Beenleigh Netball Association plays by the Netball Official Rules as authorised by all Australian Netball Associations as printed in the current Rule Book, revised 2018 and the CANA Member Protection Policy but also incorporates its own by-laws and regulations as listed below for the running of all fixtures in the centre.

These by-laws are current at time of publication, however they are subject to change at any time. Regulations All BNA members must adhere to all BNA Codes of Conduct. Failure to do so puts BNA membership in jeopardy. Any team or Club or Club official that does not comply with the requirements set out in the BNA risk policy are then personally responsible for any incidents costs and legal action that may result from the non compliance of this policy.

Breaches of code of conduct will result in termination of membership.

Requirements for Beenleigh Netball Club and Team Officials Includes all Umpires, Coaches, Managers and Other court side team officials. (Mandatory under Risk Management Policy)

All members to be registered with Beenleigh Netball. (Registration includes indemnity insurance and access to Netball Qld courses)

a. Blue Card – State government requirement for working with children required by all officials

b. Signing and adhering to Beenleigh Netball Code of Conduct.

c. Basic accreditation either by “online” at Netball Australia website in each field or by prior learning. Original documents to be produced.

d. Appropriate footwear and dress to be worn whilst officiating.

1.Fees – 

BNA have a no refund and no pro rata policy regarding all Fees paid.

All members are registered with Netball Queensland.

a) Club Membership

All teams must belong to a registered Club. Club membership is $35  and is valid from AGM to AGM. (2019)

Club membership must be paid prior to team registrations. (This is to ensure contact details for each team)

As part of Risk Management policy Clubs must fill out the registration form with the relevant details.

Failure to do so results in withdrawal from competition.   $20 per club.

b) Player Registration 

All players MUST be an affiliated registered player with Beenleigh Netball Association Inc.

This fee is due to be paid at the commencement of each season and players may not play in any competition matches until it is paid in full.

BNA accepts get into the game vouchers.

c) Official Registration

Non playing officials must also pay a fee to cover their registration, insurance and affiliation.

$70 Cost per year for active participants in Beenleigh Netball  (2019) .

d) Insurance

All players must be registered with QLD Netball or insured with the chosen insurance company for all BNA Inc fixtures.

Insurance claims must be made within 24 hours of injury all claims must be made through the Administrator.

(Disclaimer: Beenleigh Netball Association takes NO responsibility for any player, NOT registered or financial. If any player, plays in any BNA fixture, game or Carnival who is not registered, BNA will NOT be responsible for any injuries incurred.)

e) Game Fees

Game fees must be paid prior to the commencement of your game and the Team Score sheet is to be signed. Please go to the convenors table outside the office.

If a team is short of players, FULL Game Fees must still be paid or the team WILL NOT take the court resulting in the opposing team being granted the win and the offending team – Forfeit rule will apply. In the event of a forfeit if a team elects to play a scratch match which requires umpires, full game fees will be required.

All Non Registered players who fill in must pay $10 Deposit towards their Registration PLUS game fee before taking the court.

f) Forfeit Bond

This money is to cover the cost of any forfeits throughout the season. If a team does not forfeit, this fee will be refunded on either the final fixture match or finals. If a team forfeits, they must pay in another forfeit bond the following fixture.

g) Fundraising 

All fundraising by any BNA member must be authorized by BNA Executive. Contact Fundraising Co-ordinator.

Upon approval a letter of authorization will be issued. Fundraising will be conducted under the Beenleigh Netball name and any surplus will be retained at the conclusion of the financial year.

2. Fixtures

The first round of the season will be utilised for grading. The draw will be displayed on the Beenleigh Netball Facebook page the following week.

It is the Captains duty to inform players of match times. (Check Facebook after 12noon Monday in case of unforseen changes).

Please note: if your team requires or has a special request on the allocation of match times, please inform the Night Convenor in writing. Consideration will be given but we cannot guarantee match times for the season. After grading, teams may not register players from a higher grade in the team. Teams wishing to hold a position in the following season’s fixtures are to pay a $20 contribution towards the forfeit bond to hold a place.

3. Duration of Games

Games will consist of 4 x 15 minutes quarters with 3 minutes at each interval. Injury time of up to two minutes will be played if granted by the umpire. Players must vacate the courts immediately at the conclusion of their game to enable the changeover of rounds.

4. Points Ladder 

Weekly updates of the points ladder will be displayed in the window each week. Points will be awarded from each match as follows.

Win – 2 points and goals scored Draw – 1 point and goals scored Loss – 0 points and goals scored Bye – 0 points and goals Forfeit – 0 points and goals for forfeiting team, 2 points and 20 goals to non-forfeiting team.

Best and Fairest – Each team official and /or Captain is responsible every match to nominate three players from the opposing team for the best and fairest tally. At the end of the season fixtures, each division tally will be counted and the Pat Pilkington and Pam Shelton Best and Fairest awards will be given in the Mixed and Ladies division respectively. The Registrar will have available on presentation night ranking of players in the Best and Fairest Awards for Mixed and Ladies.

ATTENTION CAPTAINS Best and Fairest Points, guidelines. Choose the opposition players who have shown that they have played well, are pleasant to the other team players, show good sportsmanship and do not dispute Umpires decisions. 3 points for the best, 2 points for the second and 1 point for the third. If you don’t know the players name please ask them or their Captain. Make sure that they have not been a substitute player. NB: a team loses two competition points per fixture for not completing the Best and Fairest nominations.

5. Finals

For semi-finals, preliminary finals and grand finals all players must have participated in three (3) competition rounds to be eligible for any finals matches. Fill ins are not permitted in the finals. Teams must have five registered players to take the court. If your third game to qualify a Player’s eligibility is a forfeit to your team, then your team Captain must advise the Administrator of your intentions to have played that particular player. You may be asked for some form of confirmation in this regard. If a draw on competition points occurs at a fixture, the formulae for goal percentages will be;(points scored by team divided by points scored against team) multiplied by 100).

Drawn games – if at the end of the game there is a drawn game there will be a 3 minute break before the game commences and players positions can be changed – then there will be two 7 minute halves without a break injury time applies – at the end of the first 7 minutes there is no break and teams will change ends – no positional changes or substitutions – if at the end of the second 7 minute the game is still drawn, play continues without a break until one team has a 2 goal advantage – injury and illness time still apply – the time keeper will call time when the 2 goal advantage occurs.

6. Captains

Team Captains are the link between players and the Association. In addition to duties as listed in the Playing Rules, team captains are also responsible for: Getting your team to complete the Registration Sheet and amending or updating it during the season, ensuring all members in your team are financial and keeping track of fill ins to ensure you don’t use the same person more than twice.

Team Bibs, Captains are responsible for supplying Bibs and Game ball for their team.  (A deposit and non-refundable hire fee maybe payable if the team is unable to supply own bibs and game ball), collecting score sheet, supplying a scorer for the match, ensuring players complete score sheet correctly, completing Best and Fairest points, signing score sheet as captain at the end of the match to verify all the information on the score sheet is correct, returning score sheet if match winner.

Captains are also responsible for passing on information on to the players, including rule changes, up and coming meetings, representative trials, times for matches and forfeits. In the event that an official complaint on a matter is made it should be submitted by the Team Captain in writing on the Grievance Form to the Administrator within 48 hours accompanied by $10 non-refundable for Administration costs.

Captains should be aware that the following penalties apply: playing an unregistered player is a loss of 2 competition points and goals scored in the match the unregistered player competed in. Score sheet not completed correctly (player not signed, captain not signed etc.) is a loss of 2 competition points and goals from the match. At Beenleigh Netball, meetings are generally held – once each season at the grading for grading and general business and once a year for Annual General Meeting (usually September). Although not compulsory we ask that all Clubs either attend or send a delegate to help represent your clubs views.

7. Scorers

1. Both teams are responsible to supply one scorer who should sit together for the duration of the match at the score bench. The written score sheet is the official record of the match. All scorers must print and sign their name on the score sheet in the space provided.

2. If a team does not supply a scorer they will be warned once. Fined 2 point for next infringement. NB: Teams who do not supply a scorer or whose scorer is not seated at the score bench are unable to dispute scores as kept by the scorer. Scorers are required to record Centre Passes, Team Changes, Goals Attempted and Goals Scored. The winning team is responsible for returning the score sheet, in the event of a draw either captain may return the sheet.

8. Fill In Players

Fill in players will only be permitted to play in the Wing positions. Loss of points and goals if the following rules are not adhered to. Players from any LOWER DIVISION team are allowed to play in any HIGHER DIVISION team only twice for that team. Players from any Team in the Same Division are allowed to play for any Team in the Same Division only twice for that Team. Original Teams must have 5 of its registered Players. Players in HIGHER DIVISION TEAMS cannot play in any LOWER DIVISION GAMES. MIXED PLAYERS can only fill in for MIXED GAMES. LADIES rules as above.

9. Forfeits FORFEIT – NO POINTS PLUS FORFEIT FINE –deducted from bond. Forfeits are not in the best interest of the game and we would encourage all teams to make every effort to avoid this situation. A team may play with a minimum of five registered players. The forfeiting team must pay full game fees, this is usually deducted from the Forfeit bond, but this amount must be replenished the following week, and teams must keep their bond maintained at the original fee. The forfeit bond will be returned if not used at the end of the season.

Captains must contact the Association on 0413 299 357 and advise of a forfeit within 24 hours prior to game where possible. The Administrator will contact the captain of the opposing team and advise them of the forfeit. Please note it is the Captains duty to contact their team players and inform them of the forfeit. If in the event of a forfeit the team not forfeiting will receive 2 competition points and 20 goals – to be recorded.

10. Mixed Team

For Mixed fixtures there may be no more than three (3) and no less than two (2) male players on the court at one time. Male players must play, one man in either GK or GD, one man in either WD, C or WA, and one in either GA or GS.

11. Injuries

Beenleigh Netball supplies a qualified Sport First Aid person at every fixture. Any injured player should report to this person for assessment and treatment. Preventative first aid is also available. Players should note that if they are recommended by the Sports First aid person to seek further medical assistance, they are unable to resume fixtures without a medical clearance.

INJURIES – There is injury time to be played, as per the Australia Rule Book. Any injuries should be reported to the Sports First Aid person and a Major Incident Report to be filled out by the Player and First aid person, signed and noted for Insurance purposes. Minor incidents to be reported on Scoresheet for that game.

SERIOUS INJURY – if a player is seriously injured and cannot be moved from the court until medical assistance is obtained, then both teams if they have sufficient numbers and both teams wish to continue, must finish the game on the delegated court if time permits. Otherwise the game will be deemed to be completed if the game has progressed to or past half way, the match will be deemed to have been completed and the half time score used. If a match is abandoned before half time, it will be replayed. In the event of any of these situations occurring, if mutual agreement can be reached with both teams and the Administrator, it shall be the standing decision.

BLOOD RULE – as per the AANA Rule Book. STRAPPING – is available for a fee.(free if you have your own tape). If you require strapping by the First Aid officer please arrive early so that it can be done well before your game.

12. Uniforms

All players are required to wear the uniform registered by their Club/Team for all competition matches. New teams will be given two (2) weeks to organise their uniform. By the third game if the player is not in uniform. THE PLAYER CAN NOT TAKE THE COURT. Should there be a problem with the purchase of your teams uniform, please advise in writing for a waiver of this rule. Uniforms will not be changed without consent of exec only one change will be allowed in extenuating circumstances, any change must be in writing from Captain.

The Uniform is to consist of: Uniform colour modest length netball skirt or shorts for all female players(gym pants, ie short briefs not bike pants, maybe worn under skirt but must be no longer than your skirt) ¾ pants or long pants are not permitted except with medical certificate. Uniform colour shorts for males. Uniform colour shirts for all players. (sleeveless shirts may be worn, however singlets are not permitted) Shirts/tops are to be tucked into skirts/shorts at all times. Good quality netball/sports shoes, laces tight. No black soles. Own team bibs.

Representative Uniform only to be worn for Representative commitments, not for regular fixtures.

Only members Representing Beenleigh Netball at any event will be permitted to wear the Beenleigh Uniform. Members representing other Associations are not permitted to wear the Beenleigh Uniform.

A deposit and non-refundable hire fee maybe payable if team is unable to supply own bibs and game ball.

13. Jewellery, Hair and Nails

Pursuant to Section 5.1.1 Players may not wear anything that could endanger themselves or other players.

No adornment, jewellery and body piercing will be permitted on court, except plain wedding rings and medical alert bracelet which must be taped.

NO sharp objects are permitted and the Umpire may ask for the removal of such items if they are considered ‘sharp or dangerous” to players.

Fingernails must be kept short (tapping is not allowed). However our Association permits the wearing of gloves, but please be advised that gloves are not allowed in Inter Association or Representative Carnivals.

Hair must be suitably ties back

14. Waiting Time –

Failure to take the Court A team shall be required to take the Court when requested to do so by the Umpires, at the start of the game or after any interval. The Umpire shall notify the teams when there are thirty second remaining prior to

(a) The start of the game and, (b) the end of an interval.

If the team fails to take the court at the end of that thirty seconds the Umpire shall give a one minute warning; the team must take the Court within that time. PENALTY – If the offending team fail to take the court by the end of the one minute, the game shall be awarded to the non-offending team. This penalty is applied at the discretion of the Umpires.

15. Children and Spectators

PLAYERS AND OFFICIALS ONLY are allowed on the courts. We request that all children are adequately supervised at all times. There will be no responsibility for any injuries incurred by unattended children. CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE COURTS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. All people attending fixtures at the Beenleigh Arena are subject to the rules of both Beenleigh Netball and the Beenleigh Arena Staff.


(Breach of Codes of Conduct) Players are reminded to refrain from using obscene language or unnecessary aggression at all times both on and off the court. Players will be asked to show cause why they should not be permitted to take part in any competition conducted at the Centre if their conduct is considered to be unsuitable as defined by the Rule Book.

The following guidelines on player discipline are included for your information. Beenleigh Netball Tribunal Guideline for Player Discipline The following are the guidelines regarding player discipline that the Executive and any tribunal will be guided by in any matters.

PROCESS: Any complaint from match officials and/or letters form team captains shall be referred to the Executive of Beenleigh Netball Association Inc for investigation. The Executive shall appoint a Tribunal to investigate the matter and report with recommendations to the Executive in the event that the Tribunal find a penalty should apply they will be guided by the following. Recommendation – for first offence these are the minimum penalties applicable.

1. Player sent off by umpire One Week Suspension 2. Player sent off by umpire for language Two Weeks Suspension 3. Player sent off by umpire for abuse of Spectator/umpire/scorer Four Weeks Suspension 4. Player sent off by umpire for violence Six Weeks Suspension Players have a duty to play by the Rule Book Rules and be educated on the correct procedure for problems. This is a team Officials duty to make sure all players are aware of this.

Factors to take into account. 1 Age of player 2 Background of player 3 Any mitigating circumstances 4 Time frame Can award penalty time and then suspend some of the sentence due to good character or work done on behalf of the association. Second Offence – term of suspension from 3 month to 12 month. After due process of Tribunal. All members should be aware the Executive may make further recommendations after a Tribunal investigation is complete to the Representative Selection Committee.


Insurance does not cover injury to the unborn baby and players are advised of this fact. We recommend all pregnant players seek medical advice in regards to continuing playing netball.


In the case of disputes and complaints, the pertinent matters should be stated in writing and delivered to the Association care of the Secretary within 48 hours. All complaints must be lodged with a $10 non-refundable fee to be processed. All people using the Centre are requested not to wear any shoes of a black or marking sole. If the courts are damaged and attributed to a player and/or team, they will be held responsible for the courts repair.


All visitors to the Centre are reminded that all care should be taken with valuables and bags, as no responsibility will be taken and thefts can and do occur.


It is recommended that all teams purchase a copy of the A.A.N.A Official Rule Book. These are available from Netball Qld and from time to time in the Beenleigh Canteen.


In the interests of further developing our members, we offer Representative opportunities. Trials are held and selection made for teams with Officials – Coach, Manager, Umpire and Players. All financial members of Beenleigh Netball Association are able to trial on completing a nomination form – available from office or Representative Coordinator. All nominations for Representative positions need to be returned with the set fee. No late nominations will be accepted for teams unless a vacancy exists in a team. Selection committee is made up of the team coach, representative coordinator and Coaching Convenor. Anyone seeking to coach, manage or umpire a Representative team involving Juniors must have a current and valid Qld Suitability Card, also known as a “Blue Card”. Application forms can be requested from the Representative coordinator. Generally our CANA representative season has a State Championship in the first half of the year in Queensland, and then National Titles in the September/October school holidays. Players at the National Championships can also trial for the Touring Side which is a national team which travels overseas to play netball once a year. Teams will also be eligible for Netball Qld State Age and Country Carnival Competitions.

Please ask for information on all Representative opportunities.

Opportunities are always available for members wishing to become or update skills in coaching and umpiring so please ask if interested. We wish your Club and team an enjoyable netball season. Please contact the BNA Administrator on 0413 299 357 should you require any further information.


• Modify rules and regulations to match the skill levels and needs of players.

• Compliment and encourage all participants.

• Be consistent, objective and courteous when making decisions.

• Condemn unsporting behaviour and promote respect for all opponents.

• Emphasise the spirit of the game rather than the errors.

• Encourage and promote rule changes, which will make participation more enjoyable.

• Be a good sport yourself. Actions speak louder than words.

• Keep up to date with the latest trends in officiating and the principles of growth and development of players.

• Remember, you set an example. Your behaviour and comments should be positive and supportive.

• Place the safety and welfare of the participants above all else.

• Give all players a “fair go” regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.


• Be reasonable in your demands on the young player’s time, energy and enthusiasm. Remember that they have other interests.

• Teach your players that rules of the game are mutual agreements which no one should evade or break.

• Group players according to age, height, skill and physical maturity wherever possible.

• Avoid over playing the talented players. The “just average” players need and deserve equal time.

• Remember that children play for fun and enjoyment and that winning is only part of it. Never ridicule or yell at the children for making mistakes or losing a competition.

• Ensure the equipment and facilities meet safety standards and are appropriate to the age and ability of the players.

• The scheduling and length of practice times and competition should take into consideration the maturity level of the children.

• Develop team respect for the ability of opponents, as well as for the judgement of official and opposing coaches.

• Follow the advice of a physician when determining when an injured player is ready to play again.

• Remember that children need a coach they can respect. Be generous with your praise when it is deserved and set a good example.

• Make a personal commitment to keep yourself informed on sound coaching principles and the principles of growth and development of children.


• Play by the rules.

• Never argue with an official. If you disagree, have your Captain, Coach or Manager approach the official during a break or after the competition.

• Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials and sledging other players, deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent are not acceptable or permitted behaviours in any sport.

• Work equally hard for yourself and/or your team. Your team’s performance will benefit, so will you.

• Be a good sport. Applaud all good plays whether they are made by your team or the opposition.

• Treat all participants in your sport as you like to be treated. Do not bully or take unfair advantage of another competitor.

• Co-operate with your Coach, team-mates and opponents. Without them there would be no competition.

• Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit, not just to please parents and coaches.

• Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.


• Remember that players participate in sport for their enjoyment and benefit, not yours.

• Focus on the players’ efforts and performance rather than winning or losing.

• Encourage players always to play according to the rules and to settle disagreements without resorting to hostility or violence.

• Never ridicule or yell at a player for making a mistake or losing a competition.

• Remember that players learn best by example. Appreciate good performances and skilful plays by all participants.

• Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.

• Respect officials’ decisions and teach players to do likewise.

• Show appreciation for coaches, officials and administrators. Without them, the players could not participate.

• Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

• Acknowledge that the officials’ decisions are made for the team. I agree not to interfere.

The establishment of the wgss council was supported by dennis a.